We are committed to using sport as a vehicle for personal and emotional development. Our philosophy when it comes to youth sport is that the person must always come before the athlete. We have been working tirelessly to build links with schools and colleges as well as elite academies around Europe to develop realistic pathways for our juniors.

Understanding our role in the development of the holistic child has led us to explore the immense value that education when coupled with sport can have on both youths and adults alike. The Academy will provide us with a vehicle from which to drive various enriching learning experiences totally independent from our sporting offering. We are currently in the process of developing a STEM education programme for Upper Primary School-aged children and we have plans to work with various industry leaders to develop literacy and numeracy strengthening programmes in the future. 

Our philosophy is ‘Active Mind + Active Body = Happy Child’. Therefore, it is important to us that our Academy is a place where the three pillars of sport, education and mental health may work with synergy and sustainability.